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Professional contract cleaners

We are able to provide businesses, commercial & government offices & other establishments with fully trained & valued contract cleaners, focussed on working hard to enable your employees to thrive in a healthy, clean & therefore productive working environment.

We are able to provide you with early morning, evening, part & full time day cleaners; fulfilling a variety of office cleaning duties & backed up by our specialist teams providing support services such as window cleaning, carpet & floor cleaning, high level work & building exterior cleaning, as well as computer & server room cleaning. We can also supply your offices with a full range of environmentally friendly consumables.

We are happy to quote for one cleaner contracts, through to multi-site contracts requiring large cleaning teams.


Our extensive experience in office contract cleaning enables us to advise you of technical innovations in cleaning equipment that over time will save you in labour costs; the major cost incurred in any office cleaning contract. We can also advise you on the strategies we are able to employ, particularly in the organising of office cleaners’ duties & their working practices, in order to make the best use of labour so as further reduce staff hours & therefore costs too. N-Trusted are able to do this whilst remaining confident that we can still provide you with a premium service; always offering a bespoke, personal service with great customer care that is competitively priced.


The best staff

We can make this promise knowing our staff will always work diligently & effectively on our behalf. They are incentivised to do so because they know we value & appreciate the work they do. We never pay our staff anything less than The Living Wage (currently £9.15 in London & £7.85 outside London). In an industry characterised by very low wages this makes us pretty unique & ensures that we can choose & hang onto, only the best & most reliable of staff. We pride ourselves on our very low staff turnover.
Please contact us so that we can explain how we can turn your contract around by energising & motivating your existing cleaning staff, updating their equipment & consolidating their working methods; all in order to improve their service delivery & your working environment, & with our guarantee to be economical & competitively priced.

The best staff

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  • Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!

    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


    Ta Da……..it is now official….it’s finally here!

    Introducing our new website! N-Trusted have been working on our new website for the past few months & we are chuffed that the day has come when we can finally reveal it to you.

    Thank you to all at Pople for calmly steering us through the process.


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