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Functional environments

In industrial settings we can provide a multitude of specialised services for functional environments that frequently require the use of heavy commercial cleaning equipment & practiced solutions for removing contaminants like grease, oil & other heavy grime.

N-Trusted can offer the expertise & specialist equipment required to clean & maintain manufacturing, engineering & work shop environments.

The lofty ceiling height of many industrial buildings makes professional cleaning of these spaces ideal for N-Trusted’s tracked access equipment, some of which is conveniently designed to be manoeuvred into a work or manufacturing space through an average sized doorway.


Even a functional environment like the workshop of a car showroom will benefit from a regular & thorough clean. Routine deep cleans will avoid the excessive build-up of dirt & other contaminants that can be a safety & fire hazard.

Our clients can rely on N-Trusted’s teams to provide this specialised service, which frequently involves them working on elevated platforms & requires them to hold (IPAF) PAL cards as working operators. Our expert cleaners & maintenance operatives will always undertake this work with as little interruption to the operational activities of your workforce, if necessary by working overnight.


The latest machines for a superior cleaning

We use the latest machine technology & methods to ensure that all cleaning & maintenance services are performed with absolute proficiency, with no compromise on the excellence always championed at N-Trusted. Our commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible means that our clients can invest their trust in a commercial cleaning company, whose service is not only superior, but also has the least impact on the environment.

The latest machines for a superior cleaning

Industrial services

In industrial settings N-Trusted can offer the following services:

  • De-greasing hard floors – concrete, rubber, vinyl, linoleum
  • Deep cleans to garage workshops using super-heated steam
  • High level cleans & dusting using our own tele-hoist vehicles/equipment
  • Flat roof experts offering expert roof/gutter surveys
  • Regular roof inspections & removal of debris to prevent future roof failure/gutter flooding
  • Flat roof & gutter cleaning using our own tracked access equipment
  • Cable tray cleaning
  • Cleaning ducts
Industrial services
  • Light cleaning & re-lamping
  • Light diffuser & ceiling tile cleaning
  • Staff & customer areas cleaned
  • Rubbish disposal
  • Window cleaning
  • Exterior cladding cleaning – powder coated, metal facades etc.
  • Cleaning washroom & toilet facilities
  • Grounds maintenance

This is not an exhaustive list so please contact N-Trusted if you think we may be of help.

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  • Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!

    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


    Ta Da……..it is now official….it’s finally here!

    Introducing our new website! N-Trusted have been working on our new website for the past few months & we are chuffed that the day has come when we can finally reveal it to you.

    Thank you to all at Pople for calmly steering us through the process.


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