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N-Trusted – Equipped for the unique challenges of this sector

The Healthcare sector presents any professional cleaning company with a unique set of challenges; buildings in operation 24/7 & the absolute necessity for stringent procedures for controlling & eliminating the risk of infection.

A focus on health & safety is always at the forefront of our work in this sector. We absolutely understand the need for our professional cleaning staff to take particular precautions when working in environments where patients & medical teams are present, & we strive to always ensure we meet the expectations of patients, visitors & staff alike.


All of our maintenance & cleaning staff coming into contact with children & vulnerable adults in a Healthcare setting are subject to enhanced vetting. This is in addition to the DBS checks we automatically undertake on all our staff prior to their starting work with us – this is in line with N-Trusted’s written Safeguarding Policy.

N-Trusted works hard to ensure that the highest standards are consistently maintained. Attention to detail is paramount & our staff understand this. Crucial to how we maintain standards is the rigorous training our staff undergo before working within this important sector. Training given to maintenance & cleaning staff involves close focus on the prevention of cross contamination & infection control procedures.


Special training

N-trusted staff using specialised apparatus such as steam cleaning equipment will always have received specific training in its use. Weighty consideration is routinely given to all chemicals used in a healthcare environment. COSHH & colour coding systems will have been put in place & are regularly monitored by our supervisors, contract managers & N-Trusted’s Director.

All of this training is on-going; we update & refresh our staff’s training on a regular basis, so as to ensure that our high standards are met & maintained. In addition to training, the support & supervision our employees receive on site also ensures that our service delivery is always safe & reliable.

Special training

Best practice

We are guided in our work in this sector by the NHS Healthcare Cleaning Manual (last revised in 2009). Our working practice in the healthcare sector mirrors the procedures outlined in the NHS manual.

In line with N-Trusted Environmental policy, we always look to use the most environmentally friendly method of cleaning possible, always appreciating that sanitation in healthcare environments is safety critical & cannot be compromised. Our continuous investment in the latest cleaning technology, ideal for clinical & surgical environments, ensures that there is often no longer a compromise in being ‘Greener’.

Best practice

We can deliver the highest standards of cleaning in both clinical and non-clinical areas such as:

  • Wards
  • Operating theatres
  • GP surgeries & hospital consultation rooms
  • Medical centres
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Rest areas & ward kitchens
  • Canteens & snack areas
  • Corridors
  • Reception & waiting areas
  • Toilet & washroom areas

The services performed by our professional cleaning staff include, but are not limited to:

  • Certified deep cleans
  • Clinical waste/sanitary/nappy disposal
  • Provision of air fresheners, soap dispenses, roller towels & other paper consumables

N-Trusted can be absolutely depended on to do our part in maintaining a healthy & safe environment in your healthcare setting.

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    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


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