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    At N-Trusted we provide professional cleaning services to a wide range of sectors - from commercial to private businesses. N-Trusted’s are highly trained in understanding the inherent requirements of each sector we serve; whether it be in the absolute need for asepsis in a hospital or surgical environment, or the need for infection control in the showering area of a gym.

    In all of the sectors we serve our staff are trained to appreciate the necessity of N-Trusted supporting our clients in providing a clean, safe & aesthetically pleasing environment for your building’s users to inhabit.

    Find out more about how N-Trusted & our skilled, professional cleaning staff can meet the specific requirements of your sector.

  • Education


    N-Trusted provide a full range of cleaning & hygiene services tailored to your educational establishment - be it nursery, community centre, youth club, school, college or university.

    N-Trusted supports the Educational sector by delivering professional cleaning & maintenance services in order to provide your students & staff with a safe, clean & healthy environment in which to play, learn & teach; always with scrutiny to the control of infection & ever vigilant about our responsibility for the security of the children & vulnerable adults in your care.

    N-trusted abide exactingly to our own Safeguarding Policy for working with children & vulnerable adults in the Educational sector & will be studiously mindful of your own policies for safeguarding those in your care.

    Find out about the many services N-Trusted can offer the Educational sector by reading on.

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  • Healthcare


    The Healthcare sector presents any contract cleaning company with a unique set of challenges, not least buildings in operation 24/7; the need to be vigilant in the control of infection, the necessity for total asepsis in some areas & of course the presence of adults and children, often at their most vulnerable.

    We and our staff are guided in our work in the healthcare sector by the NHS Healthcare Cleaning Manual & we work hard to ensure that the strictest standards are consistently maintained by our staff.

    Find out about the professional cleaning services that N-Trusted can support you with in healthcare settings; environments that whilst undoubtedly challenging, our staff find very rewarding to work in.

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  • Leisure


    We offer our full range of specialist cleaning & maintenance services to the leisure & hospitality industry – hotels, restaurants, health clubs, sports centres, gyms, dance studios, swimming pool areas, changing room facilities & community centres.

    N-Trusted staff are fully appreciative of the fact that this sector demands impeccably high standards & a degree of discretion from those employed on site.

    Please contact us for further information on how N-Trusted can provide you with specialist cleaning services to facilitate your guests’ enjoyment of your facilities.

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  • Industrial


    In industrial settings we can provide a multitude of specialised services for environments that frequently require the use of heavy commercial cleaning equipment & practiced solutions for removing grease & other heavy grime. N-Trusted can offer the expertise & specialist equipment required to clean & maintain manufacturing, engineering & work shop environments.

    The lofty ceiling height of many industrial buildings makes cleaning these spaces ideal for N-Trusted’s tracked access equipment, some of which is conveniently designed to be manoeuvred into a work or manufacturing space through an average sized doorway.

    To find out more about the various cleaning services N-Trusted can undertake in this sector please read on.

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  • Housing


    N-Trusted works in partnership with the residents, landlords & managing agents across a range of multi-tenanted built environments – sheltered housing, affordable housing, retirement housing, accommodation for vulnerable adults & student accommodation.

    N-Trusted provide a consistently high level of cleaning & are able to provide various specialist support services in an efficient & unobtrusive manner, so as to help you create a safe, clean & pleasant environment for residents.

    We always take the security of any vulnerable adults in your care extremely seriously. We abide exactingly to both our own Safeguarding policy & your organisation’s policy on working in contact with residents who may be vulnerable.

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  • Office


    We are able to provide businesses, commercial & government offices & other establishments with fully trained & valued contract cleaners, focused on working hard to enable you employees to thrive in a healthy, clean & therefore productive working environment.

    We are able to provide you with early morning, evening, part & full time day cleaners; fulfilling a variety of office cleaning duties & backed up by our specialist teams providing support services such as window cleaning, carpet & floor cleaning, high level work & building exterior cleaning, as well as computer & server room cleaning. We can also supply your offices with a full range of environmentally friendly consumables.

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About Us

N-Trusted are providers of professional cleaning services, primarily serving London the South East of England but offering our more highly specialised services nationwide. At N-Trusted, we pride ourselves on upholding our high standards of practice and instilling our ethos and core values in all of our employees. Find out more about the N-Trusted story and how our principles shape our quality of service and support our staff.

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    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


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