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    Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning

Particularly in a busy commercial or public environment, hard floors can very quickly begin to show signs of wear & tear. On-site cleaners may do a great job with the day to day cleaning of your flooring, but as part of your floor care program you may also have to consider periodic deep cleans to refresh & remove the build-up of soiling that will still occur over time.

In order to maintain the professional image of your premises it is important to invest in regular, professional, specialist floor cleaning & the renewal of protective sealants & polishes – all of which requires the in-depth knowledge & specialist cleaning equipment provided by N-Trusted.

Skilled restoration

N-Trusted’s professional cleaners can provide a hard floor cleaning & protection service on a contractual or ‘one off’ basis. Where contamination or damage has occurred we can expertly restore by grinding & levelling, sanding, mechanically scrubbing & stripping, all in order to removing scratches, oil, dirt, stains, paint & any other contaminants. We can then expertly seal & re-polish your floor, finishing suitable floors to a gloss like ‘mirror’ finish if specified.

Our investment in the latest machinery at N-Trusted enables much of this cleaning & preparation work to involve only water. We have invested in the newest machines & these consume 10 times less water on average; compared to more conventional hard floor cleaning machines.

Skilled restoration

Any hard floor, anywhere

As always at N-Trusted, where chemical solutions may be required we do our utmost to adhere to our own environmental policy, making sure that we source the safest, most environmentally friendly products available, independent of cost. This is an on-going commitment we make to our clients & in the interests of protecting the environment.

Our professionally trained cleaners are able to care for all hard flooring, including:-

  • Prestige floors such as marble & granite.
  • Concrete
  • Wood, laminate, cork & other water sensitive floors
  • Vinyl & linoleum
  • Natural stone
  • Composite stone
  • Rubber
  • Porcelain stoneware, safety tiles & other microporous flooring
  • Tiles & grouting
Any hard floor, anywhere

To ensure the most effective results, we use the best & most effective resources on the market & have invested in the latest floor polishers, floor buffers, scrubber-dryers & wet & dry vacuum equipment in order to achieve impressive results for every project. Most recently we invested in the multi-functional & innovative Orbot Sprayborg, which was demonstrated to industry acclaim at the 2015 Cleaning Show in London.

You can trust in N-Trusted’s expert team to restore, protect & maintain any type of hard floor, keeping it looking its best at all times, whether it is a :

  • Sports surface
  • Dance surface
  • Workshop or warehouse floor
  • Hotel lobby or prestigious entrance room
  • Office floor
  • Industrial or commercial kitchen floor
  • Stadium/auditorium floor
  • Surgery or medical grade flooring requiring the maintenance of asepsis
  • Computer/server room flooring
  • Parquet and other historic & vintage floor surfaces
  • And any type of hard flooring in a wide range of other environments.

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    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


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