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    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

The professional carpet & upholstery cleaning services we provide at N-Trusted ensure that your floor & furniture coverings are restored & cleaned to an exceptional standard. Our professional cleaning services cover a variety of different types of carpet, rugs & upholstery. Our skilled & experienced staff will clean your floors & furnishings so that they are spotless, fresh & hygienic.

At N-Trusted, we take great care to ensure that we are using only the most appropriate & effective method & equipment for the type of floor covering or material that requires cleaning. Unlike many professional cleaning companies, we do not limit ourselves to offering you just one technique. We tailor the appropriate method and solution for each individual carpet, rug or material. In this way we can often extend the time between cleans - saving you time & money.

Tailored solutions

We advise on whether our dry fusion, wet extraction, or bonnet machines are most suitable for your floor covering, always giving expert consideration to the function of the room it is in & the degree of soiling it has been exposed to. Our services include spot cleaning, static treatments, sanitising/deodorising treatment, as well as treatments for insect infestation, all in order to keep your carpets & rugs, in whatever environment - domestic, commercial or otherwise - hygienically clean & free from bacteria & odours.

N-Trusted’s Upholstery & Carpet cleaning services can be provided on a ‘one off’ or ‘as required’ basis, as well as on a contract basis; however our company policy is to avoid committing you to the regular carpet cleaning contracts often unnecessarily promoted by some cleaning companies.

Tailored solutions

Ozone technology

At N-Trusted we can demonstrate that by only using the most advantageous system for your particular needs, the frequency of cleans can be reduced. Therefore N-Trusted will always clean your carpets & upholstery effectively, prolonging the need for future cleans, always ensuring that we are providing the most beneficial, economical & environmentally friendly service.

Our ongoing investment in the latest equipment - most recently the innovative Orbot Srayborg multi-functional floor cleaning machine - also means that we will always be able to offer you the most up to date cleaning solution for you carpet. As an ancillary treatment we can also follow up a deep carpet clean with a fail-safe, follow on, ozone sanitising treatment to further deodorise a room, using the latest in ozone technology available with our new mobile ozone generator. This is particularly convenient for areas where a quick turnaround of a room is required & so the treatment is therefore ideal for pubs, restaurants & hotels.

Ozone technology

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    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


    Ta Da……..it is now official….it’s finally here!

    Introducing our new website! N-Trusted have been working on our new website for the past few months & we are chuffed that the day has come when we can finally reveal it to you.

    Thank you to all at Pople for calmly steering us through the process.


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