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  • New Technology

    New Technology

  • New systems

  • Our truck mounted water fed pole systems are brand new, utilising state-of-the-art, carbon fibre, very lightweight, extendable poles. These extremely manageable poles are easier & safer for our experienced window cleaning operatives to use. In addition to this N-Trusted has also invested in its own powered access platforms, designed for working at heights up to 17m. This allows N-Trusted to pass on substantial savings to our clients when we tender for any cleaning or maintenance work that involves our operators working at high levels. Whereas other companies pass on machine hire, delivery charges & the hire of a non-working rig operator onto their clients; we are able to bypass the middleman & as a result, offer our clients substantial savings.

  • Drone technology

  • N-Trusted also owns and is therefore able to utilise the latest drone technology. This is piloted in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.) regulations & guidelines for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the UK & in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. If desired by the client, we have the ability to use this facility to provide them with high quality images/video footage, showing them the contrast between cleaning, maintenance & roofing work, before & after. We have used this facility to advantageous effect in sheltered housing contracts; allowing us to show elderly residents the work that has been organised by managing agents & house managers on their behalf, in areas that they would otherwise not see.

  • Efficiency savings

  • Particularly with respect to regular & on-going cleaning contracts; N-Trusted can advise potential clients how initial investment in the best & most time saving equipment can allow them to make substantial savings in the future, recovering initial expenditure on new equipment over a relatively short period of time. These savings can arise from reduced labour costs but also as a result of other efficiency savings too, such as in chemicals & other consumables. Innovations in Green technology & our own investment in the latest machines means that several we use provide outstanding results using only water & heat.

Our commitment to investment in technology.

Our news feed will always keep you updated with respect to N-Trusted’s investment in new technology, as well as on any technological innovations in the cleaning industry that we think may be of interest to our clients.

Making more effective use of manpower

In the commercial cleaning industry the cost of labour is more often than not the biggest outlay within a cleaning contract. Any way in which this cost can be reduced, without a drop in the standards required or any reduction in the scope of service, is worthwhile investigating. If N-Trusted endeavours to reduce the work hours taken to provide a cleaning service then any reduction in costs can be passed onto our clients. N-Trusted’s experience in the professional & commercial cleaning industry has taught us that investment in new & advanced technology, aimed at reducing manpower & utilising labour much more effectively can, with good management, significantly reduce costs for our clients over time. There need be no ensuing reduction in the quality of the cleaning service on offer. This is after all the rationale behind the automation of any industry, whether in manufacturing or in service provision.

Using superior equipment & new technologies

Superior equipment & the latest machine technology decreases the amount of time our cleaning operatives take to fulfil a task correctly & effectively. N-Trusted has invested heavily in the latest, most efficient equipment; most recently the i.mop (demonstrated to great industry acclaim at the London Cleaning Show 2015), the Orbot sprayborg multi-functional floor cleaning machine, the latest superheated steam equipment & the newest & most advanced commercial power washing equipment. N-Trusted’s mobile ozone generators employ the newest technology in the generation of this powerful oxidizing agent, which we utilise in order to very efficiently deodorise & sanitise a room. These uniquely manoeuvrable machines allow us to decontaminate & eliminate odours from a room, its floor coverings, & its contents - quickly, very safely & with no implications for the environment.

New Technology

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  • Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!

    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


    Ta Da……..it is now official….it’s finally here!

    Introducing our new website! N-Trusted have been working on our new website for the past few months & we are chuffed that the day has come when we can finally reveal it to you.

    Thank you to all at Pople for calmly steering us through the process.


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