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    How We Do It

    N-Trusted recognises that our employees are a vital key to our success. In order to attract the most exceptional staff available to assist us in providing you with the best cleaning service possible, we invest in our people in many ways; not least by having made an emphatic decision to never pay our staff anything less than the Living Wage.

    Labour is commonly the major proportion of the costs involved in a professional cleaning contract. Many companies try to lessen this cost by only paying their staff the minimum wage. N-Trusted pay their employees hourly rates that are therefore well above the industry norm. We are acutely aware that we must ensure that we are able to employ the best staff. With fair & decent wages we can also re-motivate a contract’s existing staff who may feel undervalued, halting any ineffectual cleaning by inefficient & disinterested operatives. In this way we can usually reduce the labour hours required to fulfil a contract. By our managing a very strong workforce in the most effective way, our clients will see real improvements in both costs & in service quality.

    Find out how, by investing in new technology, our professional management of contracts & in our continual investment in the people we employ; N-Trusted are able to provide you with premium yet economical, professional cleaning, maintenance & roofing services.

New Technology

N-Trusted’s experience in the commercial cleaning industry has taught us that continual investment in the latest, most advanced technology; aimed at reducing manpower & utilising labour much more effectively can, with good management, significantly reduce costs for our clients over time, with no ensuing reduction in the quality of the cleaning service we are able to offer.

Find out about some of the innovative new technology N-Trusted has invested in & please contact us for free demonstrations on how brand-new & state-of-the-art equipment such as the i.mop & Orbot spayborg floor cleaning machines can make a difference to the speed & efficacy of a professional clean or hard floor rejuvenation.

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Investment In People

‘We are powered by our staff, really great staff. They have to be the best so that we can offer you the best.’ Our emphatic decision to never pay our team members anything less than The Living Wage is at the forefront of N-Trusted’s stated ethos & the core values of the company.

Quite simply - we value everyone who works for us. We demonstrate this by promising to always pay our employees a fair & decent wage. We provide our staff with valuable training & we actively encourage those who are keen to utilise the opportunities we can provide for further external training. This is paid for by N-Trusted & offers our career orientated employees accreditation for the furtherance of their profession, not only with N-Trusted but with any future employers too.

Find out about the other ways in which we invest in our people by reading on.

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At N-Trusted we all strive to be consummate professionals in the delivery of our professional cleaning & maintenance services, no matter the size of the contract. The smallest & the largest contract can both depend upon receiving the same degree of attention from both management & our team members. Every service will be provided professionally, uniformly over time & consistently across all sectors. Whether just one of our employees is involved in a ‘one off’ service, or whether a large team is employed daily on a contractual basis; we ensure our service delivery is of the standard we expect & never slacks off with familiarity.

N-Trusted prides itself on going above and beyond. We believe that it is our professional duty to always provide our clients with cost effective cleaning & maintenance solutions, & that those solutions need to be executed precisely & on time.

Find out more about how we expertly manage our work & our business in order to guarantee the quality of service that we believe only true professionalism can generate.

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  • Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!

    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


    Ta Da……..it is now official….it’s finally here!

    Introducing our new website! N-Trusted have been working on our new website for the past few months & we are chuffed that the day has come when we can finally reveal it to you.

    Thank you to all at Pople for calmly steering us through the process.


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