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    The Founder

The Founder

  • Patrick Burke, N-Trusted’s founder has close to 40 years’ experience in facilities and the contract cleaning industry.

  • The sale of his former company Burke and Clemens Ltd. gives new venture N-Trusted Ltd. substantial financial backing/security.

  • Although the company is relatively new, he and his senior colleagues bring a wealth of industry experience to N-Trusted. N-Trusted has invested heavily in the very latest software management systems, technology, plant and equipment.

The Founder

Leading from the front and leading by example

‘In all my time in the contract cleaning industry, serving both the commercial & domestic market, I’ve always felt it judicious to have a personal, hands on, very much ‘back to the floor’ mind-set in my approach to running a business, being a boss, & in the service of our clients.

I believe emphatically that it is important that I know everyone working for me by their first name, that they know me by my first name & that they regularly see me, as well as our Contract managers & Supervisors, visiting the sites they work at.

As an employer for many years my ethos has always been – keep your hand in at every level of your business, so that you always know & appreciate first-hand what it is you are asking of your employees. Go back to the floor periodically so that you can make sure the standards you insist on are being maintained, your expectations are realistic having actually taken time out to work with staff on the front line yourself, & especially do so in order to make sure that both they and your clients are absolutely assured of your support, appreciation & understanding. I believe that it is critical for the success of any business for the boss to ‘get out there’ whenever possible & not remain rooted to a desk in their ivory tower back at the office.

I believe that if I ask someone do a job then it is only reasonable that I, as far as is realistically possible, am able to do it myself too; particularly if that job is especially gruelling, potentially dangerous & physically demanding. I keep my own industry training updated alongside N-Trusted’s key staff, so as to keep my own qualifications & skill set current.

Leading from the front and leading by example

I qualified for example as an abseiler in the early 1990’s whilst a Director of my previous company. Although I now leave this work to those at N-Trusted who are undeniably fitter & a little less long in the tooth than I; that first-hand experience of this skilled & potentially dangerous work continues to give me a unique understanding & appreciation of the demands being made on our abseilers who provide this service for N-Trusted’s clients across all sectors. I have a Powered Access Licence (PAL card valid until 2020) issued by IPAF (International Powered Access Federation & conforming to ISO 18878) so that I have the required expertise & experience to operate N-Trusted’s own powered access equipment if necessary. This enables me to knowledgeably support our other trained operators in the Company.

Even more recently I upgraded my training in the very latest hard floor cleaning techniques, attending an industry run course (July 2015) with other members of our team in the use of the innovative & technically advanced Orbot oscillating floor cleaning machine, only very recently purchased by N-Trusted in our continued goal of keeping N-Trusted equipped with new machinery, & the very best & latest technology available to the contract cleaning industry.

Our clients can also be sure of the same personal attention from the Director of the Company. I take real pride in the relationships I have built up with a diverse range of clients in London & the South East over my many years in the contract cleaning industry. Client focus is at the heart of how I & the staff at N-Trusted work. All of our clients will meet me, & can be assured of my on-going personal involvement in every contract awarded to N-Trusted. And to demonstrate that I mean precisely what I say, all our clients are given the means to contact, not only our contract managers directly, but the Director of the Company too, at any time, via our mobile numbers 24/7.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01342 822665 or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you feel we can be of service to you & your organisation. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

Patrick Burke Director N-Trusted Ltd

As an employer for many years my ethos has always been –

keep your hand in at every level of your business, so that you always know & appreciate first-hand what it is you are asking of your employees

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