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    Ethos and Core Values

Putting our Clients First

At N-Trusted professional cleaning, we place the customer at the centre of our work. We want to build strong and long lasting partnerships with our clients based upon trust and exceptional service. Business with us will always be conducted openly, reliably and with complete transparency and integrity.

We are passionate about the service delivered by N-Trusted to each and every customer, no matter how small or large the contract. We make sure our customers are at the heart of what we do and how we do it. N-Trusted’s customers can depend on our ‘can do’ attitude and will find that we always strive to go the extra mile for them. Our aim at N-Trusted is to always endeavour to exceed our customers’ expectations and to be as pro-active and as flexible as we possibly can, whilst always providing you with the best value for money.

Putting our Clients First

Respect for the environment

It is our commitment at N-Trusted to provide both economical and environmentally friendly professional cleaning services to all of our clients.

The N-Trusted Group strive to be as Green as is feasibly possible; we achieve this by doing everything we can to reduce our energy consumption, moderate our water usage, minimise our carbon emissions and decrease the amount of waste we produce by re-cycling; we encourage and support our clients in this goal too.

We are committed to delivering our professional cleaning services in such a way as to have the least possible impact on the environment. We are always ready to support and promote change and strive towards innovating our practises in order to reduce our carbon footprint whilst still maintaining the extremely high quality service we provide to all of our clients. Special attention will continuously be given to the ways in which we can support our clients in achieving their own environmental objectives.

Our investment in the latest technology and innovations at N-Trusted enables us to often clean with nothing more than water and heat. Where cleaning consumables are used, they are purchased from sustainable and ethical sources; we strive to ensure that where there is a safe, ecological or plant based option available, then it is used.

The extensive staff training provided by N-Trusted promotes environmental awareness; staff are trained in the knowledge that the smallest and simplest of actions can add up to make a big difference over a period of time.

Respect for the environment

Our team

We pride ourselves on being a team at N-Trusted, working together with mutual respect and appreciation to provide our clients with top class professional cleaning services.

N-Trusted’s founder recognised long ago that the key to the success of any company are the staff it employs. Quite simply; if we look after our staff, they have a vested interest in looking after you. Fundamental to our values is our expectation that all our employees are honest, courteous, diligent and passionate about the part they play in delivering our professional cleaning services to you on behalf of N-Trusted.

To ensure that our employees are able to provide the high quality of service we deliver at N-Trusted it is imperative that we ensure that they work in a safe, secure and healthy environment. Our staff members are all fully vetted and trained to very high standards. We always provide the appropriate safety wear and equipment for any job we undertake so that you can be assured that both your staff and our employees are able to work safely.

Our team

In their commitment to providing our clients with an excellent service all of N-Trusted’s employees understand their duty to maintain client confidentiality and the importance of their compliance with your security and safety procedures whilst they are on your premises – this is the N-Trusted promise.

We return our employees’ hard work and loyalty by looking after them in return, most notably by always paying them a fair and decent living wage. (www.livingwage.org.uk)

Our written Company Policies are robust and designed to re-inforce many of our core values. We provide equal opportunities for all when recruiting and promoting opportunities for professional cleaners. We will always challenge discrimination, intimidation and harassment, non-communication, poor co-operation and un-willingness to help others in the workplace.

To start a career with N-Trusted, or to find out more about our team, please get in touch today.

Embrace innovation & change

In an industry sometimes set in its ways and traditionally slow to embrace new technology, N-Trusted are eager to accept change and innovate. We are always willing to consider fresh ideas and think out of the box; we want to set ourselves a part from the competition through striving to always find the best way forward to save our clients’ time and money.

We keep ourselves constantly updated with new developments in the industry – be it new machinery, contract management software, or new cleaning products, so that we are able to continually and consistently provide our clients with the latest in safe & economical cleaning solutions. Our staff are encouraged to think this way too, so if they have a bright idea, we want to hear about it.

At N-Trusted, we pride ourselves on our clients being able to rely upon us to keep them informed & ourselves up to date & compliant with all legislation pertaining to our industry – employment, TUPE, environmental etc.

Embrace innovation & change

We strive for best practice in what we do & how we do it
– always.

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