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N-Trusted – Forming partnerships

At N-Trusted, we work in partnership with the residents, landlords & managing agents across a range of multi-tenanted built environments such as:

  • Sheltered housing
  • Affordable housing
  • Retirement housing
  • University halls of residence
  • Tenanted domestic properties
N-Trusted – Forming partnerships


Our aim at N-Trusted is to provide consistently high levels of cleaning in addition to numerous facilitating support services; all in an efficient & as unobtrusive a manner as possible, so as to help our clients create a safe, clean & pleasant environment for their residents & tenants.

N-Trusted have always found that residents have a deep sense of care & ownership for their environment & we are always mindful that the service charges that some residents pay furnishes them with a vested interest in precisely how those monies are spent & how their home is looked after.

Residents & house managers are always supplied with a message book by N-Trusted,. in order to give us day to day feedback on the professional cleaning & maintenance service we deliver. Our staff & managers quickly respond to any feedback, rectify any issues & act on any requests as soon as we can.



N-Trusted is committed to keeping residents apprised of how we intend to tackle work; particularly with major cleaning & maintenance work like roof repairs, when some disruption or intrusion may inevitably occur. When we embark on a new contract, we will always arrange a coffee & biscuit meeting with residents so that our management team can answer any questions they may have & so that we can explain the cleaning systems & methods we will be using, which residents may be unfamiliar with.

We will always go out of our way to be helpful & we can assure both our clients & their residents that they will find N-Trusted’s team members careful, patient, friendly & co-operative.



N-Trusted are able to provide an extensive range of professional cleaning and maintenance services to this sector. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Window & frame cleaning - externally & internally
  • Carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning - common areas, individual flats & apartments
  • General cleaning services to common areas - daily or weekly
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Steam cleaning & power washing - walkways, patios & outdoor furniture
  • Wheelie bin cleaning
  • Minor & major roofing & gutter repairs
  • Post-stay cleaning of visitors accommodation & kitchens
  • Re-fit of flats post tenancy
  • Deep cleaning of flats in advance of new tenants occupying
  • Provide many ‘bolt-on’ facilities management services under the N-Trusted umbrella

N-Trusted facilities management

Our facilities management services, as well as N-Trusted’s professional cleaning & roofing services, all come with our guarantee of workmanship & are further reinforced by the N-Trusted group’s commercial insurance providers. N-Trusted have over many years built up relationships with a select group of highly experienced & trusted colleagues who are able to offer professional & qualified electrical, carpentry, decoration & plumbing services, delivered with the back-up of N-Trusted’s highly experienced management team. We are able to negotiate preferential rates for these skilled services on your behalf & we are always fair & transparent about the management fee we charge for our part in quoting, engaging, overseeing, guaranteeing & insuring the work of these professionals on your behalf. Our management fee is usually an additional 10% on the cost of the work being undertaken.

In short, N-Trusted can provide a fully insured, one-stop, ‘concierge’ calibre of service provision for all your needs in the housing sector - private & otherwise.

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    Launch of N-Trusted's New Site!


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